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Glamour Kills Tour 2013 - Mayday Parade, Man Overboard, Cartel, and Stages and Stereos!

Given the chance to see Mayday Parade or stay in Employment Law on Tuesday (10/15). I of course chose to see Mayday Parade!

The show took place in Charlotte, NC at Amos’ Southend! Though I missed Stages and Stereos, I know they most definitely killed their set! Cartel was good and hearing some of the old songs from “Chroma” brought back memories!

I had never heard or seen Man Overboard, but they definitely put on a fun set and had the crowd going!

NOW, for MAYDAY PARADE… AMAZING. They ALWAYS put on a great show.        Starting the show with the song “Ghosts,” which I am absolutely loving right now it really got the crowd going and I was singing along at the top of my lungs! Hearing “12 THROUGH 15” live sold me on getting the new album ASAP. DEFINITELY MY FAVORITE SONG ON THE ALBUM!
I love how they slowed down their set with “Miserable At Best,” and “Stay.” Those are always some of the crowd favorites!
Mayday Parade ended the night singing “Last Something that Meant Anything,” and I definitely did not want the night to end! 
I was lucky enough to meet Jeremy, Brooks, Derek, and Jake! Hopefully I’ll meet Alex next time. I can say I’ve now seen MAYDAY PARADE 9 times, and have never once been disappointed!



Be sure to pick up Mayday Parade’s new album “Monsters in the Closet” if you haven’t! You won’t regret it! PROMISE. <3

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